Gunnar Groebler
Chairman of the Executive Board at the
Salzgitter AG

Strongly positioned for the
challenges of the future

A new event format - the Strategy Day - provides digital, yet no less personal, information on the new orientation of Salzgitter AG. Strategy "Salzgitter AG 2030" thus replaces the previous Salzgitter AG 2021 growth strategy, which made a considerable contribution to the further development of the Group. In the future, the innovations and efficiency programs of recent years will unleash their full potential and, together with the new strategic orientation, positively shape the financial and balance sheet structure. In this way the Group is responding to the transforming steel industry, moving away from carbon-based steel production to fossil-free production.

The central goal of the
"Salzgitter AG 2030" strategy

The Strategy "Salzgitter AG 2030" responds to political and social demands to move towards a sustainable industry. In this context, the Management Board emphasized that breaking new ground was important in order to create valuable and future-proof sustainability for the Group in all business areas. In addition, the company will continue to focus on tradition, profitable independence, diversification and consistent implementation strength in order to be able to offer innovative and sustainable products and services.


towards the future

Circular Economy

The principle of circularity encompasses the reduction of resources, the reuse of products and services, and recycling. In short: reduce, reuse, recycle. In the long term, this principle leads to resources being used more efficiently and waste products being avoided. In concrete terms, this means that products are checked for their sustainability right from the conception stage. If they can no longer be used for their intended purpose at a later stage, they should be used elsewhere and thus returned to the economic cycle.


With our innovative products and processes, we are market leader for circular economy solutions in global industrial value chains.

Our Vision

The holistic view of product and service cycles is also reflected in the newly defined Group vision and aims to become the market leader in circular economy solutions.

People at the Center

People were defined as a central factor in the future strategy. This is also reflected in the corporate claim:
„People, steel and technology“

Alongside the business areas of steel and technology, people are thus given a central role. Gunnar Groebler: "People lead the way as pioneers, set the direction, and make a major contribution with their daily work.
He gives us the chance to continue to develop positively and sustainably together."


Together, we are resolutely breaking new ground, transforming the industry and creating sustainable value for the future.

Our mission

The Group wants to fulfill its responsibility towards society and future generations. Changing the future together and forging partnerships that enable the Group to achieve this objective is the basic idea behind the newly formulated corporate mission.

The brand visualizes the new

The strategic realignment also requires a Group-wide brand relaunch. In addition to the new corporate claim, which sets people in the center, the corporate identity is also being profoundly revised. In the future, the figurative mark will visually represent the theme of circularity, with people at the center and encapsulated by the two business areas Steel and Technology. As the previous brand identity no longer fully covered the current focus, the revision of the brand identity took on a further central role in order to visually present the new strategy thematically in full and in a way that is clear to everyone.